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Laser Type Fiber Laser
Application Laser Marking
Working Accuracy 0.01mm
Condition New
Control Software EZ CAD
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Laser Type
Fiber Laser
Laser Marking
Working Accuracy
Control Software
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Wholesale print logo portable Optical fiber mini laser marking machine

Model Number :XMF Series
Small integration design, light and nimble, classic products, over the years the market heat does not reduce!Engraving metal materials and some non-metallic materials, mainly used in depth, smoothness, precision requirements of the higher field.(MOPA included)

1. Self-developed fiber laser is adopted to achieve higher collaborative work efficiency and is suitable for ultra-fine marking
2. Adopting high-speed digital vibrational scanning head, the marking speed is faster, more than 4 times that of ordinary YAG and DP semiconductor marking machine, and the output of workpiece at the same time is significantly increased;
3. Integrated modular design, smaller volume, convenient transportation and maintenance;
4. Higher electro-optical conversion rate, no power precision loss, no consumables, lower operating cost;
5, long life, stable laser output power, high reliability, can work in harsh working conditions, the laser 100,000 hours
maintenance free;
5. The software interface is simple, efficient and easy to use.
Laser center wavelength

Average output

Maximum difficult speed

Marking in the surface

70*70mm 110'110mm,175175mm(可站
Minimum character height

Engraving depth

0.01mm-0.4mm(According to the material)
Minimum line width

Cooling way

Power supply


Air cooling
Smoke purifier


Our Advantages
1, fast marking speed: professional industrial level laser, fast flight marking, can be 24
It is suitable for high speed continuous production line
2. High precision: high speed and high precision silver loss scanning system is adopted to ensure uniform light shift Fine marking lines, widely praised by customers;
3. Low energy consumption: high energy conversion rate, no pollution and no consumables
4, flexible structure: professional support can be easily installed on the assembly line, and can be very
Easy to adjust back and forth up and down, human-machine interface friendly, what you see is what you get Easy to operate.

How to choose the suitable model?
1. What materials you want to process with?( stainless steel, aluminum,brass, plastic...)
2. Effective marking size? ( 110*110mm, 175*175mm, 300*300mm...)
3. Do you need to mark on cylinder or flat metal plate or production line?
4. Do you buy it for personal use or selling?

Could I make an free sample ?
1.Yes, pls send the vectorgraph marking file and samples to us.Or we can find same materials to test it.
2.After sample finished, we can return it and also make videos,details photos for your reference.

How about the lead time,package and delivery?
1.Standard model 3 - 7 working days after receiving the payment.
2.There are 3 layers of package: waterproof thickening plastic bag,foam to protect from shaking,solid export wooden case.
3.Shipping by DHL Fedex TNT, delivery to airport or by sea.

How about the warranty and after-sales service?
1.Three years for 20 30w power machine, Two years for 50w 100w power machines.
2.24 hours technical support by email ,calling,wechat,whatsapp or remoting.
3. Lifelong free training for operation.

How to install and use this laser marking machine?
The machine is already installed before shipping. We have very detailed English manual for laser system and laser marking
software,nearly all customers can learn it well by themselves very easily.We will also guide you if you have any doubts.

What if there is something wrong with laser marking machine?
Pls contact us at first time and do not try to fix it by yourself.We will help to solve it.